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it’s scary thinking about how much this blog has evolved. it’s 10 months since i came back as o-sehunnie. and a lot has happened since. little things like meeting the sweetest sweethearts on here, to hurtful things like realizing that not everyone was so sweet. it’s almost scary as i scroll through my archive and watch my blog evolve. from just exo posts, to graphics, to edits, to color coded and back to graphics. 

my blog’s come a long way and so have i. and i think that’s what it took to realize i’m done. i will always love oh sehun. i will always love those few of you that have changed my life. but this place is holding me back. i don’t need this place to be okay anymore and i’m letting it go.

y’all know where to find me if you need me.

xoxo, pris

arrived in singapore a few hours ago c: it feels like home. milo and hokien centres heck yeah ^__^