i still love oh sehun, i still love coffee, i still love graphic design. but i've got to go. it's been real, priscilla
{the directory will tell you everything}


hello!!! hello! it’s been quite a while since i’ve posted a graphics i guess. but despite my hiatus, i had to come on, i’ve been waiting for hypertone's birthday since we first started talking. which was actually on my birthday. haha! 

anyway, skylar i tell you how much i love you on a daily basis so i won’t say it again today. thank’s for being one of the only people who bother about me especially on my hiatus. you’re truly an amazing friend and anyone who’s had the pleasure of getting to know you must agree. but i’m so thankful for you and i’m glad you tweet. /kisses u all over/

happy birthday to dearest shocolette!!!!
i hope your day has been magical and i’m so lucky to have met someone like you on this crazy website! you’re a dear and i adore you and your blog! /kisses! happy birthday c:

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Today, it’s just words but girl I’ll try

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happy birthday to our dear ohfreakingsehuns! thanks for being such a great unnie all the time! you're the funniest and i hope you had/have an amazing time today!

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